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The Holy Bible:
New Testament & Psalms
American Standard Version

Title: The Holy Bible: New Testament & Psalms

Edition: American Standard Version

Year: 2015

Language: English

Specifications: 456 pages; 6.0 in. x 9.0 in., perfect paperback, full color cover, black & white interior

Price: $16.99 (paperback); $3.49 (eBook)


Printed Book


Paperback: ISBN (13): 978-1-68109-084-9
ePub: ISBN (13): 978-1-68109-085-6


The American Standard Version of the Holy Bible is rooted in the work begun in 1870 to revise the King James Bible of 1611. This revision project had a wide-ranging impact on the translation of the Holy Scriptures into the English language, having eventually produced the Revised Standard Version of 1971, the Amplified Bible of 1965, the New American Standard Bible of 1995 and the Recovery Version of 1999. A fifth revision, known as the World English Bible, was published in 2000. The American Standard Version was also the basis for Kenneth N. Taylor's Bible paraphrase, The Living Bible of 1971.

LogosLight™ imprint

The LogosLight™ imprint first started with the collection The Church Fathers Speak, a compilation of the voices of the early Church fathers and their teachings on sanctity and Christ-like living. This ancient wisdom guides the reader on the path to cultivating holiness that yields self-dominion, patience, and virtue.

LogosLight has since grown to encompass Christian poetry and inspirational books, translations of the Bible and Hebrew Scriptures, and various Christian records and Liturgies. LogosLight books also examine the role of Judeo-Christian thought on the formation of Western civic institutions, the moral foundations of just societies, and the role of faith in civil governance.

LogosLight books are divided into the following collections:

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