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With a focus on international and comparative law, the JuraLaw™ imprint publishes monographs exploring public and private international law and overviews of the laws of various nations.

The popular Comparative Law Series provides succinct overviews of national laws in subjects of particular relevance to international lawyers. Books are written as concise summaries that can be used by the layman, academic, or legal practitioner as quick references. The Series includes volumes on the civil, criminal, constitutional, and business laws of various common law, civil law, and Islamic law nations.

The National Legal Systems series offers introductory overviews of legal systems that can be as useful to the entrepreneur seeking to understand the laws of a potential country of investment as to the concerned citizen who wishes to familiarize herself with her nation's laws. With explanations and historical overviews of the legal systems of various nations, including the United States, France, and Peru, the Collection offers excellent introductory guides to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

JuraLaw books are divided into the following collections:

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