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The mission of Time Books™ is to reintroduce time-tested values and truths to modern debates on political, economic, and moral issues. The imprint focuses on books and monographs dealing with society, ethics, and public policy.

Time Books publications in the field of democracy look to the historic and philosophic roots of modern democratic nations. They analyze the moral bases for democracy and explore the social, economic, and humanitarian benefits inherent to democracy. Some examine the place of religion in democracy, while others emphasize political and economic questions.

In the field of public-private partnerships, Time Books publications explore the ways that governments can tackle public problems by partnering with and tapping the knowledge, technological expertise, and practical experience of the private sector.

Time Books publications in the field of liberty focus on the interaction of order and liberty in contemporary culture. Liberty is examined not as libertarian license, but as the necessary environment from which law, order, and virtue spring to life.

Time Books publications are divided into the following collections:

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