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Terms and Conditions

Please carefully review the following Terms and Conditions, as the purchase of TellerBooks products and the use of this web site constitutes consent thereto:

1. Scope. These Terms and Conditions apply to all of the products and websites offered by TellerBooks. We may post product-specific Terms and Conditions to explain our policies in more detail.

2. Intellectual Property. TellerBooks intellectual property, including, but not limited to, TellerBooks Trademarks, Logos, and Copyrights, are protected under international law. The intellectual and industrial property laws of the European Union, United States, and other jurisdictions apply where TellerBooks products are used and sold. By purchasing TellerBooks products, customers agree not to distribute or sell TellerBooks products to third parties. TellerBooks digital products may only be stored, printed, or copied for personal use. Under no circumstances may customers commercially distribute them to third parties for profit. Distribution to third parties for non-commercial use is only permitted with the express written consent of TellerBooks.

3. Offers and Advertisements. Nothing on this web site or on the web sites of third parties or retailers distributing the products of TellerBooks constitutes an offer. TellerBooks is not responsible for advertising errors that may appear on the web sites of third party advertisements.

4. Inability to Fulfill Orders. TellerBooks aims for an excellent customer experience. However, TellerBooks may be required from time to time to cancel orders due to lack of inventory, inability to ship, availability of non-merchantable items, errors on shipping addresses, pricing errors, or errors on advertisements, among other reasons. If any of these cases were to arise, a prompt refund, generally within forty eight hours of the customer's order placement, will be issued by TellerBooks. TellerBooks is not responsible for any consequential damages that may arise as a result of its inability to fulfill orders.

5. Order Cancellations by Customers. Customers may cancel orders at any time before shipment for a full refund. If a customer cancels an order after shipment, the customer is responsible for the return shipping. If a product was sent by TellerBooks in error, or a product sent was received damaged, defective or in a condition other than that which was advertised, shipping will be refunded by TellerBooks after the item is returned to TellerBooks.

6. Digital Products. Digital products, including all types of e-books sold by TellerBooks, including, but not limited to, Adobe Reader (pdf) downloads, Kindle edition files, MobiReader files, and iTunes Applications, are nonrefundable. Customers wishing to purchase a product, but who are unsure as to whether it will meet their needs, are urged to download the free e-book previews available at If a particular preview is not available, please contact us and we will prepare one. Once a digital product is downloaded, it may not be returned.

7. Shipping. Third party retailers on which TellerBooks products are sold set their own shipping policies. TellerBooks exercises no control over these third parties and cannot refund shipping charged by these third parties unless products are returned to TellerBooks for a full refund. Some third parties charge shipping on TellerBooks digital products. Because we do not accept returns on digital products, the shipping charges are also nonrefundable.

8. Privacy. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance to our Privacy Policy.

9. Dispute Resolution. TellerBooks seeks to resolve any disputes that may arise within the course of transactions with customers amicably. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved through the parties, customers purchasing TellerBooks products hereby grant consent to and agree that the courts of the State of New York shall have personal jurisdiction and venue for the resolution of any disputes that may arise within the course of any transactions with TellerBooks.

10. Severability. These Terms and Conditions are intended by the publisher TellerBooks to be severable. In the event that a court of any jurisdiction finds any particular provision to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions are not to be affected.


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