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TellerDigital™ makes a wide selection of TellerBooks publications available as Adobe Digital Edition ebooks, iPhone applications, Kindle ebooks, pdf and html downloads, iTunes downloads, as well as in other digital formats. TellerDigital brings readers their favorite titles at a discount and in an environmentally friendly format with instantaneous delivery. Read these portable books anywhere from your smartphone, laptop, or other portable device and avoid the hassle of storage, the challenge of finding space, and the cost of shipping. Once downloaded, TellerDigital ebooks are fully searchable and may be printed from a home printer.

Discover the Benefits of Digital Books. Readers are reaping the many benefits of ebooks brought by the advent of digital technology. Here are just a few of them:

Instant Access. Avoid the delay and cost of shipping. Enjoy immediate access to your title once it is downloaded.

Portability. All of your titles are at your fingertips while you're on the road. No need to wait to get back home or to the office to access that key chapter or enjoy your favorite book.

Cost. Not only do readers save on the cost of shipping, but they also enjoy substantial discounts on ebooks. Because publishers do not have the expense of printing ebooks, the savings are passed on to readers in the form of less expensive titles.

Travelers. Travel without carrying a suitcase loaded with books and avoid airline baggage fees. Simply transport all of your books on an electronic device.

Environment. Ebooks save the trees required to print traditional books and the fuel required to distribute them.

Moving & Storage. Avoid the hassle and expense of shipping and storing heavy boxes loaded with books. Simply store and transport all of your titles on your digital reader.

Printing. Miss the look and feel of real paper and ink? Many ebooks, including those published by TellerDigital, allow readers to print book sections or even entire books.

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