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Publish with Us

TellerBooks welcomes book proposals in the areas of faith, law, public policy and in our other core areas of publication.

Potential authors wishing to submit a book proposal should send the following materials by email to

  • A duly-completed Publication Proposal form, which may be downloaded from this link;
  • The proposed book's table of contents, including the names of chapters and sub-chapters;
  • One or two sample chapters from the proposed work that are integral to it. The content need not be in final form, but it should reflect the author's writing in the best possible light;
  • The author's current résumé or brief biography, which should include the author’s previous publications, educational background and/or experience and should demonstrate why the author is qualified to write the proposed book.

TellerBooks does not accept or return unsolicited manuscripts sent by postal mail.

Response time to publication proposals can vary from two weeks to several months. We respond to queries from potential authors by email, not by phone.  

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